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Together in One Gift! Navels and Bells - Honeybell Supreme - Honeybell Sampler

Navels and Bells

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Navel Oranges and Honeybells
Together...in One Gift!
Navels & Honeybells

"Especially selected" for our best customers! You have the unique opportunity to enjoy Florida's two most popular citrus varities...the Navel Orange and the Honeybell Tangelo...together in one gift! Navel Oranges and gourmet Honeybells are available at the same time for just a few weeks in January. We can only offer this exclusive combination gift from January 1st 'til January 20th. Be sure to order right now to guarantee that you'll enjoy the best of both worlds. Navels and Honeybells...together at last!
Available early January only!
2 Gift Trays
4 Gift Trays

Hioneybell Supreme   honeybell sampler

Honeybell Supreme

Two jars of our exclusive, genuine Honeybell marmalades are included with your fruit trays of Florida's gourmet Honeybell Tangelos. Enjoy your Honeybell fruit today and save the marmalades for when the 'Honeybell Urge' hits and the fruit is all gone!


Honeybell Sampler

What a wonderful, juicy treat! Give all your friends a sampling of Florida's "must have" January fruit, the Honeybell. Nine of our premium tangelos, beautifully sent in one calue-packed box.

GIFT #4HS - 4 fruit trays - $61.99
- 2 fruit trays - $45.99
GIFT #70H $24.99

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