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Honeybell Tangelos

Years ago, Honeybell Tangelos were Florida's best kept secret...the sweetest, brightest, juiciest piece of fruit you could get in the winter. Only select groves grew Honeybells back then and Florida natives knew that these "honey" sweet, bell-shaped gems were ripe and ready to enjoy for just a short time in January...when it was "Honeybell Time in Florida!"


Now, from coast to coast, everyone knows how delicious Honeybells are. They've become Florida's most popular gourmet fruit. Taste just one and you'll understand why the demand is so great. But, as every Honeybell lover knows, they still are only available in January.

We'll send a special Christmas card with a holiday message to announce the January delivery of any Honeybell gift...at absolutely NO CHARGE!

In order to enjoy all the Honeybell Tangelos you want this year, we encourage you to

Please Order Early!
Available early January Only!

4 fruit trays
3 fruit trays
2 fruit trays
Jumbo 1 1/2 fruit trays
1 fruit tray


How can a gift of Honeybell Tangelos get any better? With our special Honeybell Deluxe Assortment, of course! Add a box of coconut patties, a jar of Orange Blossom Honey and two jars of Honeybell Marmalades to your fruit gift of Honeybells. Honeybell Deluxe is as good as it gets!
early January ONLY!

4 fruit trays + Deluxe items
3 fruit trays + Deluxe items
2 fruit trays + Deluxe items
Jumbo 1 1/2 fruit trays + Deluxe items
1 fruit tray + Deluxe items

baby ortaniques   baby honey tangerines

Honeybell Mini Deluxe

A charming Florida Gift packed with lots of TLC. The sweetest selection of Honeybells, a jar of genuine Honeybell Marmalade and a jar of Orange Blossom Honey.


A Taste of Honeybells

Try that unique Honeybell taste for the first time or share the flavor and fun with family and friends. Four premium Honeybells with two jars of Honeybell Marmalade.

GIFT #117H - $16.99
  GIFT #118H - $16.99

First and Last HONEYBELLS!

How often have you waited to order another delicious box of Honeybell Tangelos, only to discover that THEY'RE ALL GONE? To be sure that you have plenty of Honeybells to enjoy this year, you can now order First and Last Honeybells. Your first Honeybell shipment of the season will arrive at your door the first week of January. Then, just in time, before your supply runs out, we'll send you a second box of Honeybells, the last week in January. Two Honeybell deliveries guaranteed with one easy order! But, just like all Honeybell gifts, our supply runs out very quickly too, so we urge you to Please Order Early!
Available early January Only! Please add $9.99 shipping & handling for each shipment.

4 fruit trays (2 shipments)
3 fruit trays (2 shipments)
2 fruit trays (2 shipments)
GIFT #20H2
1 1/2 fruit trays (2 shipments)
1 fruit tray (2 shipments)
Honeybells and Ruby Reds


Two fruit favorites! Together, Honeybell Tangelos and Ruby Red Grapefruit make one of the sweetest juiciest gifts! Remember your friends with this delicious combination, but don't forget to order plenty enjoy for yourself! This gift is only available for a short time in January, so we recommend you order in December to reserve your Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

When ordered by December, we'll send a Gift Announcement Card just in time for the holidays at absolutely NO CHARGE!

Available in January ONLY!

4 fruit trays
3 fruit trays
2 fruit trays
1 jumbo fruit tray
1 fruit tray

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