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They may be smaller than regular Honeybells, but the Baby Bell Tangelo's sugar-sweet taste is just as big! Your gift of "mini-Honeybells" arrive ready to enjoy in one value-priced box. But, like the Honeybells, Baby Bells are available for just a short time in January. Please Order Early!

GIFT #21H $25.99


baby ortaniques   baby honey tangerines

Baby Ortaniques

What's an ORTANIQUE? The best of the Orange and Tangerine combined to create one of Florida's most "UNIQUE" fruits...the Ortanique. There are our "mini" Ortaniques, sunny and sweet, easy to hold in hand to peel and eat. A box of sunshine in the middle of winter. Available in February.


Baby Honey Tangerines

Little orange gems..."honey" sweet! Peel open a Honey Tangerine and you'll swear that every section is a piece of candy. A box of our "mini" Honey Tangerines is one of the sweetest gifts Florida has to offer. Available in March.

GIFT #21L - $24.99
  GIFT #21M - #25.99




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