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Calendar Collection

Calendar Collection

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Always have delicious Florida fruit in the house, ready to enjoy all season long. Use this citrus calendar to choose your favorite variety of Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine or Tangelo. And remember, out gift fruit is tree-ripened, hand-picked and shipped to you as fresh as it can be. Try a new fruit taste every month!
Just ask and we'll add some Ruby Red Grapefruit to November-March orders at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
For each monthly shipment, please add $9.99 for shipping and handling.

Scarlet Navels Ruby Red Grapefruit Navel Oranges
scarlet navels ruby red grapefruit navel oranges
November to
November to April November to January
Ortaniques Honey Tangerines Valencia Oranges
ortaniques honey tangerines valencia oranges
February March March to April
Choose a THREE or SIX month Calendar Collection and select the amount of fruit you wish to recieve. A different, delicious variety will arrive at your door each month you choose.
calendar classic collection calendar family collection  
Classic Collection Family Collection  
One tray of fruit delivered each month. Two trays of fruit delivered each month.  
3 Month Collection 3 Month Collection  
GIFT #1M3 $83.97 GIFT #2M3 $117.97  
6 Month Collection 6 Month Collection  
GIFT #1M6 $167.94 GIFT #2M6 $235.94  


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