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Naval Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit - Great gift idea from Bill's Fruit


Gift #2 is shown above.

Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit are always a Florida favorite, especially during the holiday season. A box of Navel Oranges is a great gift idea for almost any occasion, an anniversary, or birthday. Always grove fresh and as natural as they can be. Navel Oranges with Ruby Red Grapefruit are a gift that turns a cold winter's day into a sunny Florida vacation!

You can choose a gift of All Oranges(N), Ruby Red Grapefruit(R)
 or Mixed Oranges and Grapefruit(NR).

Just ask, and we'll gladly help you decide how much fruit to send and arrange delivery for you. After January, when Navel Oranges are no longer available, we will send select, in season Oranges with your Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Navel oranges available November to mid-January. Ruby Red Grapefruit available November to April.


GIFT #4 4 fruit trays (approx. 39 lbs of fruit) $54.99
GIFT #3 3 fruit trays (approx 29 lbs of fruit) $44.99
GIFT #2 2 fruit trays (approx 19 lbs of fruit) $38.99
GIFT #20 1 1/2 fruit trays (approx 16 lbs of fruit) $34.99
GIFT #1 1 fruit tray (approx 9.5 lbs of fruit) $26.99



Look for the "Make it Deluxe" orange symbol by citrus varieties in this catalog. For just an additional $12.00, we'll add our Florida Deluxe set to your gift - which includes a box of Coconut Patties, two jars of Citrus Jellies and Marmalades and a jar of 100% pure Orange Blossom Honey. When you order, just say "Make it Deluxe!"

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