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Florida Deluxe Collection - Deluxe Bonus Box, Deluxe Grove Crate, Deluxe Mini Peck Basket

Florida Deluxe Collection

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Deluxe Bonus Box

Deluxe Bonus Box
Sweet Florida Oranges, Red Grapefruit and delicious Florida Tangelos are together in one, easy-to-give gift...almost 15 pounds of Florida's finest fruit in season. Plus, we've added our special selection of deluxe gifts, a jar each of Guava jelly and Orange Marmalade, a jar of 100% Orange Blossom Honey and a box of creamy Coconut Patties. An exceptional gift at an extraordinary price!

GIFT #1025D $45.99

mini peck basket deluxe grove basket

Deluxe Mini Peck Basket
Make their day delicious with out genuine peck basket of Florida Oranges accented with a mini jar of 100% Orange Blossom Honey and four Coconut Patties. A fun gift to give...and receive!

Deluxe Grove Crate
Florida Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit, grove-fresh, picked and packed in a wooden replica grove crate. Add a jar of 100% Orange Blossom Honey, two Florida jellies and box of Coconut Patties for a truly genuine taste of Florida.

GIFT #11D Deluxe as shown $39.99
GIFT #11 Fruit Only $31.99
GIFT #19D Deluxe as shown $49.99
GIFT #19 Fruit Only $39.99


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