Credit Card Disclaimer

Millions of credit card transactions occur each day over the Internet. While the vast majority of these transactions are made without incidence, absolute security cannot be guaranteed--even on a secure server with file encryption.

Businesses generate millions of paper copies of credit card numbers and expiration dates. In the past, receipts, carbon inserts, and even scraps of paper found in trash bins have been used in credit card theft.

While the chances of anything happening is probably remote, we offer the following options:

1. Use our Online Order Form and type "By Phone" in the Credit Card field, then click on the SUBMIT button. Your order will be immediately sent to us for processing. Then, during our normal business hours call our Order Line and give us your Credit Card number over the phone.

2. Use our Online Order Form, print a copy, then FAX the completed form to our FAX Line

3. Use our Paypal secure shopping cart.

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